80 Days to Betterness

Using the internet to teach myself things. 8 topics. 10 days each.




Writing is something that I struggle with. I really respect clear and concise writing that has personality. Personally, I find my own written voice lacking -- at times, too wordy. I have a weird habit of using colons like a nerd.

I'll go through dry spells where I've somehow avoided it for months and then have to write a lengthy email that grinds my day down to a halt.

So, how to approach this subject?

I have different needs, writing for "utilitarian" things like this website and my portfolio. Talking about myself and selling in projects. Also, "artistic" things like a script or storybook -- language that is conveying a personality all it's own with the story that it wants to tell.


I love this book.

Brain Pickings talked about it very thoroughly. It is an interesting book. More ethereal rather than concrete advice. It offers an interesting meditation on how to think about writing.

Children's book

For more specific information about writing a story for younger people, I found this helpful article from Masterclass.